Hand Hygiene Day by HKL

Jardin Pharma Berhad participated in the Hand Hygiene Day program organised by the Infection Control Unit at Hospital Kuala Lumpur KKM (HKL) on 6th of November. HKL is the oldest and biggest government-owned public hospital in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

During this important event, we had the privilege to showcase our special range of hand sanitizers which are Xycide, Xycide A & C and Alcohol 70%. Other main products displayed were also included but not limited to Xorquas, Xorquas Menthol, Xorsone and Xorsoint by our subsidiary Xorix Sdn Bhd.

Germs from unwashed hands are easily transferable to other objects, such as office chairs, hospital beds, computer screens, or even your own handphones, and then transferred to another person’s hands. It is highly important to remove unwanted germs through the correct hand washing technique to prevent diarrhea and respiratory infections. Plus, it may even help to prevent eye and skin infections.

We are here to protect you and your whole family from the bad germs. Shop now at www.herbitus.com to buy your hand sanitizers!



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